***Not given during meeting – FSU President Marlene Kim gave time over to CSU President Janelle Quareles


The mood at UMass Boston is like death. People are upset, angry, mourning. Long-term staff have been laid off. Staff who helped departments are being replaced by software—so now departments will have to perform more work—and specialists—so this will not save money. A painter is being replaced by an outside company, and departments will be charged for the cost. This will not save money; we are just shifting who pays for this.

Classes, faculty and now staff are cut, all the while upper administration has not been cut. This despite our analysis and an accounting professor’s analysis that UMB is top heavy with upper administrators. When other universities had to cut their budgets, they started at the top and felt absolutely no difference with fewer administrators. At UMB, we start at the bottom with classes, faculty and staff—low-paid staff in many cases.

This is obscene. It’s obscene what is happening at UMass Boston. Tom Goodkind is asking for one remedy. Given that our campus was built 40 years ago and people went to jail over the bad construction, and we were never given the money to reconstruct UMB, including fixing the substructure, moving the utility corridor, and paying for new buildings, we ask that you ask the legislature for this money. And endorse the idea of the legislature taking on some of UMass Boston’s construction debt. Because what is happening at UMass Boston is beyond obscene. It’s immoral.