Welcome to the new FSU Blog! We have launched this blog as a more flexible alternative to our newsletter. Instead of waiting for a newsletter in your campus mailbox twice a year, you can now visit our blog to find up-to-date posts several times a month. We believe that this is a more effective way to inform and build active membership.

You can look forward to reading posts about the budget crisis, contract issues, FSU initiatives, member activism, the workings of the grievance process, union struggles and victories beyond our campus, analysis of news coverage, profiles of members, Q&A with union leaders, and much more.

This blog is managed by the FSU Communications Committee. The Communications Committee encourages member involvement. Please email us at fsunionblog@gmail.com if you would like to get involved with the blog, have an idea for a post, or want to submit a guest post.


In solidarity,

Members of the FSU Communication Committee: Tina Mullins (chair), Sofya Aptekar, Linda Liu, Marlene Kim